- C r e d i t s – 

H a i r - Ploom - Shira

T o p –  Ducknipple – Panhang 

S k i r t - AlterEgo – Boss Ass Bitch 

S t o m a c h  T a t t o o – Tattoo Paradise – Starry night 

L e g T a t t o o – Letis Tattoo – I have a dream

S h o e s - REIGN.- SABETH HEELS (Black)

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

P o s e  – Purple Poses – Rachel 03



There has  been so much going on in this chaotic brain of mine the past few days. One topic that never seems to want to escape, is the thought of a real life pregnancy. 

Not many of you know. But i recently went through an experience, where I thought i was roughly 6 weeks along. Tests came back,, I was not pregnant. And ive kinda struggled with how to deal with that. Of course. Im happy…. Im not really ready to be a mother yet. Not to mention, I would of been a single mother, and I have a belief that I want my children raised to know  what a loving home is like. However. I would of been every which way of exited to be able to bring lie into this world….. I just keep holding on, and remind myself that some day. Il make a damn good mother. 


 the meaning behind me telling you all this. is a)  i love to be personable with my readers. Im more than just an  avi. Im a human,and I feel  things. ( more frequently than normal, but shhhh ) 

also. Ive been trying to find new and creative ways to do blogging. I feel the same old,.. aainst a white backdrop seems to be a bit boring these days.  and If I can change it up a bit, by all means, Il  give it a go!

So. Sorry If you didnt give a damn,  about  any of that blabbity blab up there. I just feel like it relates to the post. <3 

- C r e d i t s – 

p o s e – Magnifique – Up, Up and Away!  ( balloon prop included )

s o n g –   the song is titled, My Wish, by Rascal Flatts.

 H a i r –  tulip. Ashley – Lights ( from the Hair Fair )

t o p – [HOM] Long Sleeve Owl Sweater & Black Denim Shorts with Belt

p a n t s –  20.Five – Skinny Jeans 

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)



Summer is here, and its time to shed those clothes off and head to the beach!

Make sure your heading out in fashion, here’s what im rockin in the above photo :

- C r e d i t s -

          H a i r –  tulip. Ashley – Lights ( from the Hair Fair )

B i k i n i –  20.Five  – Bikini

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

C h e s t   P i e r c i n g s – Cute Poison – Allogeneous Piercing


I finally got a chance to get into  the Hair Fair last night, and let me tell you… i was NOT impressed!

However I did pick up this one hair, I have on in this post, which you will be seeing more of. 

Please Enjoy!

- C r e d i t s -

H a i r –  tulip. Ashley – Lights

T o p – 20.Five - Cami top

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

C a p r i s – 20.Five – Cappa Jeans




Ducknipple has done a huge release recently, so here is some awesome goodies for yall. Enjoy!

H a i r – Exile – L.A to London 

T o p – Ducknipple –  Axel Jacket (comes with that stomach jewelry too!)

S h o r t s – Ducknipple – Viki

S h o e s – Ducknipple – Jose Wedges 

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)




- C r e d i t s  -

H a i r - Magika – Written ( hud 01 )

T a n k T o p – L’push Bodie Knotted Tank ( Cream )

J a c k e t - Coquet. Mesh Denim Jacket – Blue

P a n t s – [Cynful] Bell Bottoms – Ripped Dark Blue – Graffiti

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)



- C r e d i t s  -

H a i r - Magika – Serene ( hud 01 )

D r e s s – ColdLogic – Anniversary 2014 

H e e l s - Ducknipple – Judith 

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

C l u t c h – Fashionnatic – Morea outfit


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