I have been trying to focus on finding myself, and  letting my past go, focusing on the  present, and it has been really hard! So. I am dealing with things, one little thing at a time, and see where it goes from there.

- Credits -

Magika - Dots

20.Five - Venue (Black)

[Hush] - Sade (Honey)

infiniti - Paper Birds -2– at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival


- Credits -

TRUTH - Nissa ( light blonde )

 20.Five - Dolfjn ( comes with texture changing hud! )

 REIGN - Renegade plats ( Black ) *available at N°21* For Slink MID

S k i n 

[Hush] –  Sade (Honey)

GLITTERATI – The Shopaholic Closet


Snapshot_001 Snapshot_004

both outfits are AVAILABLE AT DISTRICT 5

- C r e d i t s – 

picture 1 :


TRUTH – Malibu ( variety pack )


  Ducknipple – Harriette 


[Hush] – Sade (Honey)

Picture 2 :


Magika - Unknown


  DUCKNIPPLE – Suspect dress ( comes with hat )


Voxxi – nerdy Black Glasses





 I am SO in love with this outfit. I am so grateful I got the chance to blog it!

- C r e d i t s – 

H a i r  

TRUTH – Oceana – light blondes

O u t f i t 

1 Hundred – Luscious – Sky ( Phat azz & lola friendly! )

Available at District 5 in the following colors: Lime, Pink, sTRawberry, violet, sky & white

S k i n 

[Hush] –  Sade (Honey)

C h e s t   P i e r c i n g s 

 Cute Poison – Allogeneous Piercing




I am so exited to be back blogging for 1 Hundred again! Ive missed blogging for them.

So this post is very long over due, and i hope you ladies enjoy!

( and any fellas, get this outfit for your ladies..cough cough! )

- C r e d i t s – 

H a i r  –  Eaters Coma – Hair 28 – Noir 

O u t f i t – 1 Hundred – Flirty Girl Set.( Hot Pink )

* Available at the Big Show *  in pink, hot pink, lime, lilac, lemon, and sky

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

C h e s t   P i e r c i n g s – Cute Poison – Allogeneous Piercing



- C r e d i t s – 

H a i r  –  TRUTH – Thema ( light Blondes )

T o p –  Ducknipple – Vanish 

S k i r t –  Ducknipple – Nepal

S h o e s - Pure Poison – Lisa Sandals

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

C h e s t   P i e r c i n g s – Cute Poison – Allogeneous Piercing

S u n  G l a s s e s – Fashionnatic – accessory from Natassa outfit 



I FINALLY had time to get into the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival just to get these adorable poses from infinity . The gatcha has a total of 12, + a rare. and i was just head over heels from the moment i saw the ad!

- C r e d i t s – 

H a i r  –  Exile – from London to L.A, ( ice blonde )

T o p – alterego - tummy tanks *Group Gift *

C a p r i s –  20.Five – Cappa Jeans

S h o e s – REIGN.- Spartan Sandals ( White )

P o s e – .  infinity . – Paper Birds – 12 @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival 

S k i n - [Hush] – Sade (Honey)

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