its about time


I  finally have some energy to blog today!

Which means You will finally receive the blog post for this awesome picture that i have been teasing you with for the last few days!  On that note,  thank you guys so much for baring with me. Sometimes, I just have to go at my own pace.

Lets get down to business, shall we?

TRUTH – Dulce (Light Blonde)

.alterego. – May group gift

.alterego. denim skirt (Bleached Blue)

Reign – Renegade plats

Just Magnetized @ the Cosmetic Fair – Ombre lipstick ( pomegranate pack )


Apple May Steal!


I am a girl who loves getting all dolled up, and going out on dates, etc.

Dresses are probably one of my favorite things to wear! Anything from mini, to formal.

Last night I was browsing SL, and my notices pop off with Apple May‘s new releases!

The dress  as shown above, had been released in some gorgeous colors, and the Gold was this week’s 50L MP special!

Of course ya girl hopped RIGHT on that.  This gown is so beautifully done,  and I feel absolutely stunning in it!


TRUTH – Dulce (Light Blonde)

Gown –
Apple May – Bella gown (Gold)


New Firestorm Update!


See that picture right here?

That is all thanks to  the AMAZING new firestorm update!

The update is still in beta, but, what can I say… I must touch all of the things!

If you are a photographer, like myself, I HIGHLY recommend you get this update!

Once you have “snapped” a photo, you are able to add filters, as well as soft, and  hard focus’.

Other updates, include  a much easier way to edit your hover,  and a bunch more!

I really couldn’t tell you, because I have  been a singularity lover for a long time, but now I think i will keep firestorm!

If you are truly interested in all of the new features, Click Here  for a blog update, that another user posted, containing all of the updates!

long story short, if you  want a good time, join the cool kids club, and download the beta update today!